Sumbawanga construction update

Sumbawanga construction update

Classroom construction almost finished (5/20)! Parents of school students, on their own volition, contributed to the building of one of the new classrooms! What a sign of their belief in the quality education St. Gertrude's offers the Sumbawanga community!

Friends of Imiliwaha continue to seek funding for the building and equipment needs of this vibrant school, including a computer lab. 

Students continue to excel in academic performance. National achievement test scores for all the students are in the top level. As they leave St. Gertrude's following their completion of their 7th grade, they are well prepared for whatever higher educational opportunities they want to pursue. Scholarships are available for orphans qualified to attend high school.

The bricks are being made for the new convent in Sumbawanga. This will enable the area used by the orphans to be expanded and upgraded, as the Sisters move into their new facility, hopefully ASAP!