In-Kind Donations


 *Benedictine Sisters of the Sacred Heart

            Room and board for Tanzanian sisters

*Benedictine University

           Tuition grants

*Dr Marchese

            Dental care for sisters

*Paul LeFort

            Airfare for Sisters Beatrice, Afra, Fausta

*Project Cure

            Medical equipment

*Dr. Lise Bhatia

            Medical equipment

*Dr. Karen Malone

            Medical care for the sisters and orphans in Imiliwaha

*Dr. David Maze O.D.

            Eye care for the sisters


            Physical Therapy Department


Monetary Donations 

The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago and the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters are honored to collaborate with the Friends of Imiliwaha in the educational endeavors of the convent in Imiliwaha.

Monetary Donations 

$75,000 AND ABOVE

$50,000 AND ABOVE


Benet Academy

Nancy Castle

Susan Shih

$25,000 AND ABOVE

Bishop Joseph Imesch

James (Seamus) and Joanne Mulloy

Margaret and Warren Roth

 David Thomas

Mark Thomas

Chris and Ivy Lobello (Mary and Frank Dubczak Fund)

 $10,000 AND ABOVE

Benedictine University

Sonjai Bhatia and Lise Guay Bhatia

Dominican Sisters of Springfield

Jane Doyle 

Nina and Michael Mitchell (Kili for Kids Foundation) 

Dr Jadwiga Roguska-Kyts 

Paul and Eileen LeFort (LeFort Martin family)

Patrice and James Lia 

Corey Mulloy 

Diane Nilan

Our Lady of Mercy Church of Aurora

Rotary Club of Lisle

Debra and Anthony Sacco

Andrew Shih

$5,000 AND ABOVE


Benet Academy FOI Junior Board 

Cathy Cawiezel 

Anthony and Lawrie Dean

Jeffrey and Maurita McKay Lehman

Gerard and Karen Maguire

Thomas and Janice Murray

Peter and Helen Pals

Paula Partipilo

Douglas and Robin Rylaarsdam

Alice Sima

St Elizabeth Seton Parish of Naperville

Kelly Sallinger

Edwin and Deborah Windes 

$1,000 AND ABOVE


Ursula Baldwin

Dora and Dan Bansen 

Thomas Bartley

Toni Baumgartner

Lawrence and Kathleen Benning

Benevity Fund

Nathaniel Byrne

Lorelei Carey

Lawrence Cena

Chris and Margy Chapman

Dominic and Barbara Costabile

Sisters of St. Joseph

Luciana Giancola

Paul and Audry Girard 

Frank and Katherine Goetz

Ken and Stephanie Grabarek

Beth Hemzacek 

Ria Hermann

Holy Cross Church of Batavia

Rich and Mary Jean Horna

John and Patricia Hynek

David Inge 

Julia Jilek

Phyllis Kittel

Knights of Columbus (3738 Council of Westmont)

Isobel Lobo

Jeffrey and Linda Madura

Arlene Malloy

Frank and Jeanette Marchese 

Jerome and Mary Christine Martin

Charles McGowan

June Miller

James and Sarah Mulloy

Michael and Margie Myers

William Myers

Network for Good

Suzanne Odland

Brendan O’Halloran

Dorothy O’Reilly

Georgeen Polyak

Daniel and Maggie Puente

James and Rosemary Robbs

Al Robinson

Bruce and Ellen Rodman

Leo RojekGerald and Kimberly Ryan

St Scholastica Mission House of Naperville 

St Scholastica School and Parish of Woodridge  

Christian and Meredith Spesia

John and Mary Spesia

Loretta Spesia

St Procopius Abbey of Lisle

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

Sheila Stevenson

Sarah Tibbott

Charles and Dolores Timko

William Urban

Suzanne and Charles Wanzer


Robert and Denise Bayer

Carol and Martin Cain

Dennis and Joan Callan

Carein Connection 

Marietta and William Carrol

Cronk Family Foundation

Eyes to the Skies Volunteers

Tony and Patricia Fedie 

Karen Freeman

Alan Gorr

John and Lisa Hendrickson

Joan Hopkins

Courtney Johnson

Tina Karakourtis (Tina’s Closet)

Daniel Karl

Charlotte Kelly

Marion Lancaster

Darby Law

Christos Linardakis Law Office

Lisle Woman’s Club

John and Judy Marten

Dick and Florence Nogaj

Robert and Roberta Olp

Allison Penn

John Pipal

Theodore and Cynthia Sevier

Elaine Tibbott

Rosemary and Dennis Wisnosky

The volunteer members of the Friends of Imiliwaha Board have donated a total of $205,164 for the medical and educational projects of the convent in Imiliwaha and its mission stations.

Dr Lise Guay Bhatia 

Beth Hemzacek 

Richard Lamb 

Patrice and James Lia 

William Myers 

Diane Nilan 

Margaret and Warren Roth 

Susan Shih 

Alice Sima 


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