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The Benedictine Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery in Lisle have supported three sisters from the Imiliwaha Convent in Tanzania since 2004. S. Afra, S. Dr. Beatrice, and S. Fausta have been provided with room, board and clothing, school fees, occasional airplane tickets to Tanzania and many incidentals.

Benedictine University has provided free tuition for undergraduate and graduate studies in Education and Science.

Individual Board members have paid out of pocket expenses for all three Sisters while they were in the US. Most of these expenditures were for merchandise to take back to Tanzania to help out the orphanage at Imiliwaha, the girls’ school at Sumbawanga and S. Dr. Beatrice’s clinical internship in Dar-es-Salaam. Another significant contribution, and ongoing need, is air travel for Afra and Beatrice (airline points welcomed!). 

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