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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 15:10

Friends of Imiliwaha are helping improve the quality of life in Imiliwaha, Tanzania through education and healthcare.

school childEDUCATION is key to help the children of Imiliwaha escape poverty and become productive citizens. Sister Afra, with extensive training as an educator and administrator at Benedictine University in Lisle, IL USA, knows what needs to be done to strengthen educational opportunities for the children in her village. She returned to Tanzania in February 2012 to begin the challenging process of developing comprehensive educational plans.

Friends of Imiliwaha, with guidance from Sister Afra, will support specific educational and related projects, like providing school supplies and teachers' materials. When resources allow, FOI will provide funds for classroom and dormitory construction.

HEALTH CARE is vital to ensure that the children, villagers and Sisters thrive. But this rural community lacks adequate access to trainedmalaria-poster  medical personnel. Sister Beatrice, who worked in her village as a nurse,completed her training as a medical doctor at Poznan University Medical School in Poland following her undergrad and premedical studies at Benedictine University.

Sister Beatrice is interning at a major hospital in Dar Es Salaam, TZ. She returns to her homeland whenever possible and coordinates medical mission trips.

Friends of Imiliwaha supports her medical school expenses and colaborates with medical professors and students at Benedictine University and with those who want to share their skills with the people of Imiliwaha. FOI will, as resources are available, provide supplies, medicine and other medically essential equipment.



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Prayer is welcome! Keep Sisters Afra and Beatrice, the people of Imiliwaha, and Friends of Imiliwaha in your prayers.


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