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With the knowledge that Sister Afra acquired in the United States, and with incredible support of a wide range of people—from grade school students where she student taught to parishioners from local churches—she returned to her homeland to serve in February 2012.

The vast differences of life in the U. S. and Imiliwaha are stunning. The needs in her country are indescribable but the benevolence channeled through the Friends of Imiliwaha and others eases the pain of poverty.

Sister Afra shares: God’s work is my work. I know I can’t do it by myself. I rely on my Sisters, villagers, and my Friends of Imiliwaha network for the support I need to care for the orphans and impoverished children in our village. God’s infinite grace comes to me in many ways. I am so very grateful for Friends of Imiliwaha for all their help and friendships. I will channel this love and support to the little ones in our village. I invite you to join our effort. [DONATION LINK]

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Prayer is welcome! Keep Sisters Afra and Beatrice, the people of Imiliwaha, and Friends of Imiliwaha in your prayers.


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