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  Friends of Imiliwaha Major Donor List (as of 11/14)

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 Tanzanite $15,000+    

Frank and Mary Dubczak Fund (Chris and Ivy Lobello)

Seamus Mulloy

 Diamond $10,000+      

Benet Academy
Richard and Susan Lamb

Corey Mulloy

Warren and Margaret Roth

Anthony and Debra Sacco

 Gold $5,000+ Our Lady of Mercy Church, Aurora

Diane Nilan

St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, Naperville

St. Scholastica Parish, Woodridge 

Susan Shih

 Silver    $1,000+               


Brendan-O’Halloran Family

Nathaniel Byrne

Lawrence Cena

Congregation of St. Joseph

Anthony and Lawrie Dean

Kevin and Jane Doyle

Holy Cross Church, Batavia

Lucy Giancola

John and Patricia Hynek

Bishop Joseph Imesch 

Gerry and Karen Maguire

Frank and Jeanette Marchese

Jerry and Chris Martin

Chuck McGowan

Suzanne Odlund

Paula Partipilo

Bruce and Ellen Rodman

Dr. Jadwiga Roguska-Kytts

Christian and Meredith Spesia

Loretta Spesia

St. Procopius Abbey

St. Scholastica School, Woodridge

St. Scholastica Mission House, Oblates, Villa Benedict, Lisle

Wheaton Franciscan Sisters

Edwin and Deborah Windes

Bronze     $100+

Antonetta Antonello 

Ursula Baldwin

Toni Baumgartner

Robert and Denise Bayer

Drs. Sanjay and Lise Bhatia 

Dennis and Joan Callan

William and Marietta Carroll

Nancy Castle

Dr. Dom and Barbara Costabile

Ron and Lynn Davidson

Danuta Deeb

Philip and Charlotte Dupont 

Maria delaCamara

Cronk Family Foundation

Philip and Colette Dupont

Lorraine Dyba Militano

Robert Elliott

Susan Giancola              

Paul and Audrey Girard

Alan Gorr

Ken and Stephanie Grabarek

Jack Heggeland

Beth Hemzacek

Joan Hopkins

Frances Holtzman

Richard and Mary Jean Horna

Julia Jilek

Ruth Jung

Tina Karakourtis (Tina’s Closet)

Charlotte Kelly

Phyllis Kittel/John Light

Stephen and Maggie Lamb

Paul and Eileen Lefort

Lisle Women’s Club

Daniel Maguire

Grace Michiels  

Richard and Florence Nogaj

Daniel and Maggie Puente

Religious Education Community, Wheaton

James and Rosemary Robb

David and Arlene Romaine

Theodore and Cynthia Sevier

Alice Sima

John and Mary Spesia

James Stockdale

Timothy and Nig Stockdale     

Sarah Tibbott

Mark Thomas

Edward and Susan Trowbridge

Bill Urban

Christine Hannigan Wiehn

Dennis and Rosemary Wisnocky

Anita Woodley

The Benedictine Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery in Lisle have supported three sisters from the Imiliwaha Convent in Tanzania since 2004. S. Afra, S. Dr. Beatrice, and S. Fausta have been provided with room, board and clothing, school fees, occasional airplane tickets to Tanzania and many incidentals.

Benedictine University has provided free tuition for undergraduate and graduate studies in Education and Science.

Individual Board members have paid out of pocket expenses for all three Sisters while they were in the US. Most of these expenditures were for merchandise to take back to Tanzania to help out the orphanage at Imiliwaha, the girls’ school at Sumbawanga and S. Dr. Beatrice’s clinical internship in Dar-es-Salaam. Another significant contribution, and ongoing need, is air travel for Afra and Beatrice (airline points welcomed!). 

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