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Since Oct. 2014, Sister Doctor Beatrice has been hard at work in Dar Es Salaam, and she continues her internship at Muhimbuli Hospital. In her "spare" time, she works to improve health care services at Imiliwaha.

Good News

Beatrice GradIn June 2014, Sister Beatrice Kayombo, OSB graduated from Poznan University of Medical Science in Poznan, Poland as Doctor Sister Beatrice Kayombo.

Friends of Imiliwaha board members S Helen Jilek, Alice Sima and Diane Nilan (at their own expense) traveled to Poland to witness this monumental accomplishment. 

Here is a short video of that occasion.

Sister-Doctor Beatrice is scheduled to finish her residency in 2020. FOI needs to raise funds for her last Beatrice1 11-19year. 

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