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The "quiet little one," as S Afra is sometimes referred to, has been making Afra-stressincredible progress in Sumbawanga, TZ! Watch a short video of S Afra as she shares how grateful she is for the help from Friends of Imiliwaha.

bldg progressIn the dusty lot across from the convent in this western TZ city, boulders and bricks have taken shape as the new school has gone from a dream to reality. While using an existing building as temporary classrooms, Afra juggled running a new school and building the building that now serves as the "real" school, "brick by brick," as she is fond of saying.

Friends of Imiliwaha provided the financial and moral support for this ambitious undertaking. Afra oversees the contractor's progress and hurdles bureaucratic requirements as she shapes the educational footprint of this new school. She started with a handful of young children, preschool and kindergarten back in 2013. As of 2019 St. Gertrude's Pre/Primary School has over 350 students, grades pre-K to 7. 

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Classroom construction continues (4/19)! And parents of school students, on their own volition, are contributing to the building of one of the new classrooms! What a sign of their belief in the quality education St. Gertrude's offers the Sumbawanga community!

Friends of Imiliwaha continue to seek funding for the building and equipment needs of this vibrant school. 

Students continue to excel in academic performance. As they leave St. Gertrude's following their completion of their 7th grade, they are well prepared for whatever higher educational opportunities they want to pursue. 

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